Lumiere is a company of professional staff who have gained experience internationally. It was established under the concept "The earth is one and all," and works production of films in collaboration with overseas producers and staff, international exchange programs such as film festivals, educational programs, environmental programs, etc.

Lumiere will continue to pursue realization of creative and interractive international projects, making use of IT technology and making most of communication for interpersonal understanding as well.

Company Lumiere, Inc.
Address Shibuya 1-3-18-B404 Villa Moderna
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002, Japan
Tel. 081-3-6427-2335
Fax. 081-3-6419-7510
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Establishment June 7, 1993

Production Event Production Japanese Voice-overs
and Subtitles
TV Programs
Corporate Videos
Production Assistance Services
Japan Wildlife Film Festival
Corporate Events
Hands-on Museum Installations
Sports Programs
Documentary Films
Feature Programs and Comedy Shows
Healthcare Programs