Lumiere produces a variety of events utilizing its own network of designers and producers worldwide. It has gained a reputation for its unique concepts and high-quality production in this fields

Lumiere is the coordinator of the Japan Wildlife Festival, the largest film festival of this kind in Asia. This festival is widely known among filmmakers and broadcasters around the world and receives more than 300 entries from about 40 countries around the world. The festival aims to help encourage wildlife film production and to increase its quality. It also gives the Japanese public an excellent opportunity to expand their views of the wonders of natural history. The next festival is scheduled to be held in August of 2005.  (

"Wonder of Life"
Lumiere produced a large corporate booth named gWonders of Lifeh for Novartis, a Swiss-based healthcare corporation, for the gExhibition of Dream Technologies for the 21st Century, ga major scientific event for the youth recently held in Tokyo. The booth was one of the most popular at the exhibition and successfully worked to enhance public recognition of Novartis as a global leader of healthcare.

"Window to the Body"  

"Immunity Warriors"

The Kaleidosphere, with the optical effect of 360degree globe, was the highlight of the exhibit presenting a stunning multi-image of life.

"Windows to the Body" is a 3-dimensional display showing the body's protective system. "Immunity Warriors" is an interactive life science program showing how the human immune system protect6s us from foreign bodies.

Lumiere has an active role in producing large-screen image displays, multimedia installations, and interactive exhibits for museums and public institutions.

For example, Lumiere installed a highly innovative virtual reality system called gMandalah developed in Canada, in many museums and educational institutions in Japan as permanent exhibits or as special exhibits.


Shark Bait


Space Ball